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Why own a manufactured home vs. rent an apartment?

For approximately the same monthly carrying cost as a 3 bedroom apartment, you can build equity in your manufactured home. Should you decide to relocate, you have the opportunity to sell your home on site, or take it with you. You also have the advantage of a yard. Try your hand at gardening, hold a BBQ, or simply enjoy the outdoors with your children.

Why own a manufactured home vs. buying a home built on site?

Usually the cost of land is a significant component of buying a home, along with the property taxes and insurance related to owning that land. By living in a land lease community your savings can be used for other purposes such as travel or retirement. Also, you have the flexibility of relocating your home to another community.

What is included in my monthly home site rental fee?

In most communities, your rental fee includes water, waste removal and additional maintenance such as snow removal and landscaping of common areas. Please inquire with the community you are interested in.

Can I buy an existing home on site?

Yes, although you must complete an application and sign a lease before the sale is approved.

I already own a manufactured home. May I move it into a Keystone Community?

Some of our communities have home sites available and will accept well maintained manufactured homes. Please inquire with the specific community you are interested in.

What happens if I need help after hours?

Each community has a Manager who will ensure that all emergencies and issues are addressed as soon as possible.

Are there community rules?

Each community has rules and regulations. Enforcing rules helps to keep our communities safe and peaceful. Maintaining community standards enhances the value of your home.

Is my personal information disclosed?

All residents’ personal information is kept confidential. Resident files are kept under lock and key.

Is my home insured under my land lease?

All residents must insure their own home.


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